The Gantt tab provides graphical information about the Orders you manage using a Gantt chart. This format is commonly used by project management and resource planning tools to allow a list of work representation going top to bottom and a corresponding the time period representation going from left to right. 

The Gantt chart is accessed via the Gantt tab in Crew which opens a dialog. Order Operations are expanded for display on selection of an Order and then crew assignment (based on assignment type is use) is displayed beneath each Operation. Selecting any of the lines (Order, Operation or Crew) and choosing edit navigates to the Order detail form for detailed review and crew related editing (as allowed/ appropriate).

Business and SAP Context

Gannt charts provides additional planning information over list and calendar layouts, particularly where SAP planners have used advanced planning functionality in the Work Orders to set start and finish dependency relationships between Operations.

Important Information

According to SAP design guidelines the Gantt control is not suitable for use with phone size form factors. In our experience this also applies to use with tablets where the screen size makes the information available of very limited use. Therefore this tab is only displayed in online Browser versions of BlueWorx. 

To function the Gannt Chart must be accessed through a Neptune Launchpad (as opposed to direct application browser access), this being the prescribed method for BlueWorx access.

Gantt Chart

The following is an illustration of this screen:

The following screen fields and controls are defined, where not documented they are considered self explanatory or are explained elsewhere:

Field/ ControlExplanation/ Use
Time Period SliderChange the time period for the Gantt display. The range is from monthly quarters all the way down to hours
Show task legend to see the various colours that can be show for rows (note that not all row types may be appropriate for the BlueWorx selected assignment type:
Order/ Operations
Expand, where available, the details of the row (Order Operations or Operations Personnel).
Edit buttonEdit the selected record (only one record can be selected for this function).

Navigation action on edit will depend on the selected item - either to Order Header to to Operations List.