The results of an inspection are stored in SAP BlueWorx tables providing a permanent record of an inspection event. These records can be accessed when online via the Inspection Viewer Application. This is a separate application to BlueWorx delivered as part of the BlueWorx package. It's accessible from: its own application tile; the Equipment or Functional Location right hand lower hamburger menu option: View Inspection History; the SAP GUI Order, FL and Equipment detailed screens if so configured.

Business and SAP Context

For more information see Inspections Explained


Search Dialog

This dialog provides the ability to search and find Inspection based on Equipment, Functional Location, Work Order, Inspection Template and Question criteria. When accessed from BlueWorx FL and Equipment their references will be pre-populated.

Inspection Logs

This screen shows the results of the search. Selecting a line navigates to the Inspection Questions, selecting individual values sets the search criteria to that value (where so enabled).

Inspection Questions

This screen shows the individual Questions for the selected Inspection. Selecting a line navigates to the Inspection Question Detail, selecting other hyperlink fields resets the search criteria to that value.

Note that if a question had additional results (i.e. two people responded to the same Inspection Question) then a duplicate icon will show up next to the status as shown below:

Inspection Question Log

Details Tab

This tab shows the asset details, the inspectors details and processing status.

Using the footer Map button you can see where the Inspector was located when they answered the question (if captured):

Question and Answer Tab

This tab shows what the Inspector was asked and what their response/s were:

Attachments Tab

This tab shows any attachments (files or photos) that were uploaded as part of the response. 

The attachment tab also shows any configured SAP Smart Form reports for the Inspection:

Note the SAP Smart Forms have the limitation that they do not work for HTML text and images (content images as opposed to forms images).

Configuration Tab

The configuration tab shows details of the Inspection Question processing settings and technical ID's to allow traceability:

Where maintained and available from SP11, the Control Reference value maintained for the Inspection and or Inspection Question is also displayed.

Additional Results Tab

The Additional Results tab shows the responses for any additional results that may have been answered for the question after it has already been completed by another user and processed in SAP. It is only visible if Additional Results exist.