The My Work area in BlueWorx is where user access Work Orders and Operations.


Orders Tab - Order View

The My Work Orders tab Orders view shows a list of Orders for the current user and within the parameters of their BlueWorx User Profile/s and SAP settings. 

Key information on selected display fields:

  • The left of the list items can display the colours green, orange or red. They can also show no colour:
    • Red means that the Order is overdue
    • Orange means that the Order is due today
    • Green means the Order is completed - pending syncing with SAP which will remove it from the users work order list
  • The list fields displayed and their screen location changes to accommodate the screen size of the device being used.
  • The paper clip icon indicates that there are attachments directly associated with the Order
  • The Pencil icon indicates that a change has been made to the Order, awaiting Sync with SAP:

Assigned Personnel

The person icon allows you to call SAP, when connected, and display a list of assigned personnel for an Orders Operations. Click:


To display the assigned Users (in this example the assignment is by Users assigned to a Work Centre):

Filter the displayed records using the Type to Search in List field:

Note: The Search works in conjunction with any values maintained in the Filters tab, whether they have been applied or not.

If you're on a mobile device you can use the bar-code scanner option to fill in the search criteria:

Select an Order or Operation record to navigate to the Work Order page.

Filter and Sort

You can filter the display using a larger variety of criteria and save these filters for later use by Order or Operation

Notes on filter functionality

  • The Search function, from the main screen, works over the top of the filters
  • To provide a optimum search experience the values displayed are from those available in the list. That means some master data values may not be available at all times

To filter and sort the records maintain your required settings and click the Apply button:

To clear the results click the Clear Filters button:

Saved Filters

Having created a filter that you may want to reapply regularly, you can save this in the My Filters section. 

To save the filter for subsequent use, Click the plus button:

And then provide a short description:

Filters saved in this manner will be available to apply later in the My Filters list, specific to the user/ device. At this time, they are not synchronized with SAP for replication on other devices.


To navigate to the GEO Map (where enabled and configured) select the button:

Favorites and History

To access favorites and history select the following button:

Details on this functionality is provided in Favorites and History

Work Nearby

To get a list of work nearby, based on maintained GEO location addresses, select the button:

The following screen will be displayed:

On selection of an item using the button:

A bearing and distance is displayed. Note that in prior releases a compass was displayed but, as devices gave inaccurate directions, it was removed

Important Note: Some devices (including iPads) do not provide accurate compass information and therefore this functionality should be assessed/ tested and disabled where not accurate.