This page details the functions of the Map page.

Business and SAP Context

The map is accessible from a number of places including: 

  • BlueWorx Home Screen
  • Work Order Objects Tab
  • Notifications Page Map Tab
  • Functional Locations List
  • Functional Location Map tab
  • Equipment List

For details on the symbols and manipulation of the map see the article Map Page - Concepts and Map Navigation.


Map Page

BlueWorx provides the ability to display geo-spatial information in support of maintenance operations. 

The following screen fields and controls are defined, where not documented they are considered self explanatory or are explained elsewhere:

Field/ ControlExplanation/ Use
LegendShow icons for displayed BlueWorx layers (not ESRI):
Display buttonUsers can change the information displayed on the Map using the Display button. 

The details of each of the options accessible from within Display settings is accessible from these articles:

The device and BlueWorx application can be doing a lot of work and its performance depends on a lot of factors outside of the product developers control - like communication to and responses from the GEO system. If things aren't working or being displayed right then reset the display.

You can add a favourite place at any location on a map and give it a descriptive value. Favorite places will then be accessible from the Favorites and History page.

Note that this functionality provides quick navigation to a specific place, its does not also apply filters nor adjust the map being used. These can be separately adjusted according to the options detailed elsewhere on this page.

User can access previously added favourite places using this button. 

Favorite places will then be accessible from the Favorites and History page.

From the hamburger menu users can additionally Download Screen. On a mobile device you can download Map tiles and Layers for offline use, where they have been so configured. See Map - Download for Offline

Selecting Map Layer Items

On Selecting a BlueWorx Map Item

When you select one of the Technical Objects then it will show the following dialog from which you can access the details of the object or create a Notification:

On Selecting a BlueWorx Map Item Cluster

When you select a cluster of BlueWorx items at its lowest level then it will show you the various Objects within the cluster. You can then navigate to the detailed screen for each:

On Selecting a GEO Layer Item

When you select a single feature layer then a popup will display the configured information to display from the map server:

On Selecting Multiple GEO Layer Items

If you select a map area where multiple BlueWorx and or map features are located then it will offer a list of the objects relative to your selection: