Measurement Point Detail

The Measurement Point Detail page is navigated to from multiple points in BlueWorx including the Measurement Points List, Work Order, Functional Location and Equipment pages.

Detail Tab

This tab show details for the Measurement Point:


Measurement Point Document History

If the user is online and has access to the SAP system then they can view previous Measurement Point readings using the following button. This functionality is described in more detail here Measurement Point Document History.

Create New Measurement Document

To create a Measurement Document for the Point select the button:

View SAP GUI Transaction

To view the Material Point details in SAP Web GUI select the following button. Note that this is only available if enabled in SAP, BlueWorx Admin and when the BlueWorx application is used in a SAP Web GUI compatible browser.

You can navigate to the associated Functional Location or Equipment using the hyperlinked field labels.

Linear Data Tab

The information maintained in this section is shown where the Measurement Point is set up in SAP as being linear and linear asset is switched on in BlueWorx administration:

This functionality was added in Support Pack 11. For further information see Linear Asset Management

Reading Outbox Tab

This tab shows any Measurement Documents created on the device pending Sync with SAP. 


You can select and edit a document or delete it using the circle cross