The following provides instructions for customers wanting to try the BlueWorx application within their own nonproductive environment and for use with Neptune Planet 8 version 6.0.18+ releases. 


Accenture accepts no responsibility or liability for the use of the demo application within a customer's own SAP environment. We strongly recommend that customers use your own application to connect to any internal instances as the demo application by its nature does not necessarily conform with a customer's own IT and SAP security requirements.

Step 1 - Neptune Mobile Client

Create a Neptune Mobile Client as per the BlueWorx Installation and Configuration Guide. Ensure that you maintain an address for the application that is accessible from your device and that the address has been professionally audited for security. Also ensure that the personnel wanting to access the Mobile Client have the correct Neptune policies.

General Tab

  • Launchpad Application: NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_STANDARD*
  • UI5 Version: 1.71
  • Theme: SAP Quartz

Authentication Tab > PIN Code Sub-tab

Step 2 - QR Code/ Publish Neptune Mobile Client

In the Launchpad select the Public tab on the tab bar of the Mobile Client. Using this functionality you can use either of the following options:

  1. QR Code Option - Copy the QR code for later use in the next step.  In this case you must maintain the values and NOT make the Mobile Client available as a Public Neptune Client; OR
  2. Neptune Software Publish Option - Publish the application to Neptune Software's service, having maintained policies in the form of email domains. In this case you must maintain the values AND press the Publish button.

For more information regarding this functionality see:

Step 3 - Configure Device Application for Mobile Client

  1. Open the BlueWorx application on your device. 
  2. At the logon prompt select the option "LOGIN"
  3. Depending on the option you used in the previous sub-section you can either:
    1. QR Code Option - Select the System Details lower right button and scan the QR code (distributed as printed image or via desktop email); OR
    2. Neptune Software Publish Option - Enter your email address, select Send button, check your email account for an activation code, enter the code in the application, select the system from the available list
  4. At the screen prompts enter your SAP logon and password; enter a passcode (note that your username and password are stored on the device and are encrypted using the passcode you enter