A user can change their BlueWorx settings via the following top right button on the Home page:

The available options then shown depend on whether the user is on a mobile device or browser and on various other configuration options. The settings page has been revised in SP6 and relocated in SP7.

User Settings

This section allows you to control which of the profiles you have active directly against your User, and is controlled by BlueWorx User Admin Settings. For clarity:

  • This functionality does not allow for the enablement/ disablement of BlueWorx profiles indirectly assigned using BlueWorx Profile > SAP Roles
  • Is independent of the overall Profile Activation/ Deactivation and whose deactivation takes precedence. i.e. if the Profile is Deactivated at the Profile level then that Profile will no be taken into consideration when the User syncs, regardless of their own Activation settings

Activate Profiles

Access the Activate Profiles button:


You must select at least one and your ability to change profiles and this will apply across your devices and browser (once synced with SAP):

Your Device Settings

Here you can change the SAP CATS profile (if in use) and elect to tell the device to Work Offline even if its is connected to WiFi or cellular network. This setting applies to the current user working on this device.


The Work Offline functionality is particularly useful where you have weak connectivity and want to force updates to the BlueWorx outbox rather than attempting to communicate with SAP or use downloaded map data.

Device Settings

Using these options are user can clear all the BlueWorx data from the device, or just that data relevant to maps. This applies to all BlueWorx data on the device, i.e. all users:


Document Storage

Through configuration settings documents can be downloaded to the device on Sync. Where documents exists that are outside of the settings then users will be prompted after a sync to review the documents and download them selectively. Or they can initiate this at any time. 

Review the available documents and download as required: 

For details on configuration settings see: Maintain Core Settings Tab 

Device Information

From the page footer you can access basic information about the device and BlueWorx related application versions: