Maintain settings about Notifications in BlueWorx:

Field Setting

The following are the field settings for this configuration tab:

FieldDescription/ UsageRecommendation
Automatically save Notification on ChangeWhen switched ON any changes made to a Notification will be automatically changed.Turn On
User Notifications on Device .Controls whether Notification created by a User, not associated with an Order on their device are downloaded.
Options are:
  • ON - then all open Notifications created by the User will be downloaded to the device (in conjunction with next setting). This is in addition to Order Notifications AND Profile related Notification.
  • OFF - Take only the Notifications associated with Orders on the users device
You could also investigate the use of the Maintain Online Reports functionality for Equipment and FL to query if issues have been reported as Notifications. See settings for Notification Types elsewhere in the Admin documentation.
If you have Notifications that can been open for some time and personnel are generally aware of previous notifications then we recommend not using this option.
Days Since Creation
Where the User Notifications on Device is switched on, this setting specifies how many days back to take the users open notifications

Allow Edit User Status
When switched ON, users can edit the SAP User Status of the Notifications, as allowed by BlueWorx configuration.

Item Block
Show Item BlockSet ON to show the Items Block in the Notification.

Show CausesSet ON to and to show the Causes part of the Item Block when enabled. 
Mandatory Content
Mandatory ItemSet ON to insist that the user maintains an Item on Save of the Notification.
Mandatory CauseSet ON to insist that the user maintains a Cause on Save of the Notification.

Mandatory ActivitySet ON to insist that the user maintains an Activity on Save of the Notification.

Mandatory TaskSet ON to insist that the user maintains a Task on Save of the Notification.