This page discusses issues when times are set to midnight (that is 24:00 hrs) and how this works in SAP and how BlueWorx deals with it.

The SAP 24:00 Issue

In some SAP time fields the time is set to 24:00:00 which is not a valid time. The time conversion methods in SAP fail if you try to convert this time value. For example:  See the scheduled finish time in a work order:

Without change, the date is shown at 02.02.2022. The correct interpretation of 24:00 is 00:00 on the following day.  You can see that SAP also interprets the date and time this way when you view in a different time and then return to the original (in this case NZST which is also the system time zone). In this example the time zone has been changed to HAW - Hawaii:

The time and date are correctly converted, with the 24:00:00 being interpreted as 00:00:00 on the following day to allow the conversion.  NZST is 23 hours ahead of HAW at the time of this example. Changing the time zone back to NZST clearly shows the interpretation:

In the image above the time zone is NZST and the date and time is shown as 00:00 on the following day. Note how the scheduled finish date was 02.02.2022 at 24:00 and is now 03.02.2022 00:00, both in NZST.  SAP has converted the time from HAW to NZST "correctly" and shown 00:00 on the following day rather than an invalid time of 24:00. In SAP GUI lists the date will be shown as 02.02.2022

BlueWorx and the SAP 24:00 Issue

BlueWorx will interpret 24:00 as 00:00 on the following day in lists and in detail pages.  The work order above will show as follows. Note the end date shows as 03.02.2022.  If the time was shown it would be 00:00.

The same order in the detail page shows the 3rd of February.  If the time was shown in would be 00:00.

BlueWorx will treat 24:00 as 00:00 on the following day.