Works where you do

Maintenance and field workers need mobile solutions that help them to 'get the job done' easily and effectively.  BlueWorx is an innovative, user focused, comprehensive and affordable solution for mobilizing SAP Plant Maintenance that also works just as well on your desktop browser. 

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Works like you do

In creating BlueWorx we focus on the end users' needs and on the benefits derived from mobilising their operations. We listen to our customers and deliver the functionality they need the most. But we haven't stopped there, BlueWorx is full of innovative features that takes SAP mobile asset management to the next level.

Functionality outline

BlueWorx functionality includes:

Works to benefit you

We understand that mobilizing maintenance processes is all about gaining business benefits. And with an increasing focus on 'asset intelligence' in the maintenance world we know that having accurate, timely information that mobilization can bring is crucial to such analysis. We've detailed seven drivers for change associated with mobile EAM and the typical benefits that can be realized. This can be accessed from the BlueWorx Business Benefits page. 

Architecturally simple using the power of SAP

BlueWorx delivers a SAPUI5 user experience that's identical to SAP Fiori. It does this wholly from within your existing SAP ERP or S/4HANA system. BlueWorx supports fully offline operations and works just as easily from compliant desktop browsers for when you’re back in the office. From a technical perspective there are no requirements for integration, additional servers, 'black boxes' or inaccessible code. Just your SAP ERP system secured with SAP Web Dispatcher, the Neptune Software’s SAP Certified Add-On and BlueWorx SAP Transport installation. For more information see Architecture.

Adaptive to fit your needs

From experience we understand that customers may want to tweak things a little. A major strength of the BlueWorx solution, and the Neptune Software development framework, is the ability to easily adapt to meet customer specific/ ROI validated requirements.

Foundation for Innovation

The innovation and business value doesn't stop with BlueWorx functionality. Once you have Neptune Software and have deployed BlueWorx then you have the capability to improve other areas of your SAP ERP/ S4HANA related business operations. For example you may want to deploy a real time Stock Look Up, Create Purchase Requisition, Approve a Purchase Order, raise a Leave Request or fill in a Time-sheet. All with a great SAPUI5 user experience and with the added flexibility of being able to work offline where required.