This page provides information on the Inspection Question dialog page.

Business and SAP Context

For more information see Inspections Explained.


Inspection Dialog Page

Accessed from the Inspection Question Page this dialog is used to answer Inspection questions. The content changes according to the type of response configured for the question but follows a similar pattern overall. The following are a selection of examples with the first example providing an explanation of common features:

Yes/ No - Response Example

The following screen fields and controls are defined, where not documented they are considered self explanatory or are explained elsewhere:

Field/ ControlExplanation/ Use
HeaderThe description of the overall Inspection
Left and Right buttonsMove to previous/ next question
Inspection question descriptionThe description of the Inspection Question
Inspection question group descriptionAllows the user to see that question group they are answering questions for
Equipment or FLThe description of the asset being Inspection
InstructionsSummary instruction information
View Full Text buttonView additional instructions
Previous valueWhere appropriate and configured it shows the last response for this Question (where processed in SAP)
ResponseSelf explanatory
Entry Date and TimeSelf explanatory
Add CommentOpens a dialog box to which you can add text direct or prompted through Templates (see Maintain Core Settings - Standard Text Tab) and or Lat/ Long location data (where appropriate for the device/ scenario):
Add Attachments buttonAdd files/ take photos as appropriate and where configured:

Where the question is for a Measurement Document, access the Measurement Reading History for the object/ Measurement Point where online.
Skip buttonSkip entering a response to the Question.
Pause buttonPause responding to the Question.
Complete buttonComplete the Question.

Latitude/ Longitude Example

In this case the response is capturing the GPS location. The device reading can be used or you can, if enabled, over write with a more accurate reading from a specialised device.

Single Value Condition Example

In this case the value could be used to Create a Measurement Document, Update a Classification value or just record the results. The user may also be required to maintain Comments for use in creating a background Notification in SAP or be forced to create a Notification on the device.

Single Value Numeric Example

In this case the value will be used to crate a Measurement Document. Note that the last Measurement Document value for the Measurement Point has been provided - this is controllable in configuration.

Single Value String Example

In this case the values are coming from a Answer Group:

Signature Example

Use where an image capture of a signature is required - for example from a home owner prior to accessing their property:

Document Template Example

In this example a Document Template (introduced in SP13) has been associated with this Question. The user can download the document to their device - and use it for references, as a detailed guide, for calculations, etc:

This is the Document List on selection: