This page discusses the Inspection Question page. 

Business and SAP Context

This page shows the Inspections Question List. It can be accessed from:  

Important Information

As of Support Pack 12 this page now allows for Question Responses to occur for selected Question types and where so configured. In all cases the user can select a Question for full details and response entry. 

For more information on inspections see Inspections Explained.

Inspection Questions Page

The following is an illustration of this screen: 

The following screen fields and controls are defined, where not documented they are considered self explanatory or are explained elsewhere:

Field/ ControlExplanation/ Use
Type to FilterType to filter the list.
Status filter buttonChange to filter the list:
Copy buttonCopy the Inspection.
QuestionQuestion Header.
Question InstructionsInstruction text - where simply formatted (i.e. no tables or images).
Previous ValueShows existing value (where appropriate).
ResponseShows the new value entered.

For some Question types and where configured, as of Support Pack 12, users may be able to answer the question from this list control. Entry will auto-complete on selection of a control or on movement to another cell for direct entry fields.
Red and Green flagRed flag shows questions with a compulsory response - required to complete the Inspection. Green flag shows completion of required question.
Select List ItemSelect list item to navigate to the Question Dialog Page.
Show header information maintained for the Inspection:
Reset ButtonResets the Complete status to In Progress - this is only valid where the Inspection has yet to be synced with SAP.
Undo ButtonRemoves any updates made since last Sync, from the Outbox. Note that on browser document updates will have been made in SAP at the time of their upload.
Delete buttonYou can delete inspections that you initiated directly from a FL or Equipment. You can't delete Inspections derived for Orders/ Operation.
Complete button

Complete the Inspection use the following button - note that you can only complete an Inspection once all the compulsory questions have been completed.

The right hand lower menu provides the ability to undertake the following functions (some may not appear where not appropriate for the Inspection):

  • View Order for Inspection - where appropriate
  • Initiate the creation of a Notification for this Asset - note that this is a general Notification and has no specific association with this Inspection
  • Delete the Inspection - where not mandatory for an Order
  • Mark the Inspection as Asset Not Found. Depending on configuration the user may be prompted to create a Notification
  • Complete the Inspection
  • View BlueWorx Inspection History for the Technical Object