Inspection Questions Page

This page shows the Inspections Question List. It can be accessed from:  Work Order - Inspections Tab; Equipment Inspection Tab; Functional Location Inspection Tab; My Work Inspections Tab.

For more information on inspections see Inspections Explained.

Key characteristics of the page and list are:

  • The header gives description of the Inspection, the Technical Object reference and Description and the Inspection Status
  • It's is grouped by Inspection Question Groups
  • Red flags and Status value against a Question indicate that a response is required in order to complete the Inspection
  • Orange Status Value against Questions indicate that the Question has been Paused or Skipped
  • Green flags, value and Status Value against Questions indicate that a response to this Question has been made

Screen Controls and Navigation

Selecting a row to opens the Question Dialog Page.

To search the list type a value into the Filter field:

To filter the list by status used the following Status button:

You can process an Inspection for an asset more than once. For example prior to starting a task and after completion. To Copy and Inspection use the following button:

Note that the Copy function is only available for Inspections that are not mandatory.

To access additional instructions about the Inspection use the following button:

To Delete the Inspection use the following button (note that once complete and Synced with SAP a completed inspection can not be deleted):

To Complete the Inspection use the following button (note that you can only complete an Inspection once all the compulsory questions have been completed):

Hamburger Menu Features

The right hand lower menu provides the ability to undertake the following functions (some may not appear where not appropriate for the Inspection):

  • View Order for Inspection - where appropriate
  • Initiate the creation of a Notification for this Asset - note that this is a general Notification and has no specific association with this Inspection
  • Delete the Inspection - where not mandatory for an Order
  • Mark the Inspection as Asset Not Found. Depending on configuration the user may be prompted to create a Notification
  • Complete the Inspection
  • View BlueWorx Inspection History for the Technical Object