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Why do Order Status updates occur in real time when online?

Recently a customer asked the following:

"Although ordinarily myPM only calls into SAP during a sync, we noticed that in one case, that of completing an order using the Order Status button on the order, a call is immediately made to the backend to set that status, without going through the usual Outbox->Sync process.  We don't have a problem with this, we were confused as to why this one process differs from the others in the application. Can you explain?"

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Yes, it’s a technique that we are starting to apply in situations where it makes sense and add value. In this case a customer needed to show personnel en route to calls and so wanted to initiated the status change action ASAP. So if MyPM is online then we do status updates immediately, if we can’t connect then we put it in the outbox for next Sync.


The flip side is that if you want to see the status of everyone on the Order, then you also have to be onine to retrieve this (the  button in the right hand lower hamburger menu won’t show if the device is  offline).


It’s a lot more complexity dealing with single updates and outbox so we aren’t going to do this for all objects.

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