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BlueWorx Offline and Online Functions

Recently a customer asked if we had a list of functions in BlueWorx that were only accessible while online. Here's the answer:

  • Administration - All of the BlueWorx Administration application is only available online.
  • Inspection History Application- This function is only accessible when online because its actually calling a separate, complementary application to BlueWorx, the Inspection Viewer. For more information on this topic see Inspection History Application
  • Smartform Reports - The Reports function retrieves its information from the SAP system on demand. So you need to be online to initiate it. On a mobile device, once you've run it, the report is available if you go offline. For more on this topic see Maintain Online Reports
  • Order Status History and Crew Status History  - This function, from within the Work Order, retrieves the latest BlueWorx status changes for the Work Order from SAP in real time. Therefore this function is not available when offline.
  • GEO Spatial Data and Maps - Where so configured. For more on this topic see: Maintain Map Settings

In addition the following functions will updated directly in SAP if online, or when offline, will be queued for update with SAP on next Sync like all other BlueWorx updates:

  • Order and Order Operation Status Updates - the basis for this is that operationally you want status updates to occur as promptly as possible.
  • Crew Order Updates - the basis for this is that if you are trying to level the workload among your crew you want the updates in SAP to occur as quickly as possible so that they can start their work and so that the capacity in the application is recalculated.
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