Fix for Android issue when switching on the Save Image to Gallery option

The cordova app build for BlueWorx requires the use of the plugin 'cordova-plugin-camera' in order to take pictures and choose images from the system's image library. An issue was logged for Android devices when setting the saveToPhotoAlbum option to true when using the plugin ( This issue is responsible for the error message that pops up when trying to take a photo on an Android device with Save Image to Gallery option set on in BlueWorx Administration.

In order to get all of the latest fixes around this issue for Android you will need to ensure that you install the latest development code for this plugin from Github ( in your cordova build project. Use the cordova commands below:

cordova plugin remove cordova-plugin-camera

cordova plugin add

The first command removes the camera plugin from the project in case an old version was already there. The second command then adds the plugin to your project as directed in the Installation section on the Github page. Note that it is important to use the Github URL to get this fix as that will ensure that only the latest development code for the plugin is installed since the latest released version of the plugin on NPM does not contain this fix as of November 9th 2020. After this is done the Android app can be built in Android Studio. Please follow our article on how to Build an Android App from Cordova Source if required.

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