SAP UI5 1.71(CDN) and Neptune 6.0.18


If your browser apps suddenly stop working and you are using Neptune DXP 6.0.18 with UI5 version 1.71(CDN) it could be due to SAP no longer distributing UI5 version 1.71.20 from their Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers.

Each Neptune release specifies an exact version of SAP UI5 for the entries in the UI5 Version select box. In Neptune DXP 6.0.18 the exact version of UI5 for the 1.71 (CDN) entry is 1.71.20.


There are a couple of choices, either:

  • Change the UI5 version to a locally installed 1.71, or
  • Change the specified version of UI5 for 1.71 (CDN) to one available from the SAP CDN.

Change the UI5 version to a locally installed UI5


You can do this for a launchpad, although be aware that some UI5 controls like the Rich Text Editor (Inspection Administration) and the Gantt Chart (BlueWorx Crew) may not be available in the locally installed UI5 version. It depends which version you have downloaded and installed from Neptune.

Change the specified UI5 version 

The exact version (URL) is stored in editable table /NEPTUNE/LIB_001. You can modify this table in your development system and transport the table contents as per your usage transport and test procedures.

In Neptune DXP 6.0.24 the version URL for 1.71 (CDN) is and we've found with very limited testing that it works for Launchpads in DXP 6.0.18.

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