Android Keyboard Issue with Fullscreen Dialogs when UI5 > 1.71.38


When opening and closing the keyboard when a dialog is in Fullscreen Mode, the dialog doesn't resize to fit the available space. The images below show the mobile view after the keyboard has been closed:


  • We first observed this issue while using UI5 1.71.48 (DXP21). 
  • This issue does not occur in UI5 1.108.0+ (DXP22).
  • Upgrading the UI5 1.71 version does not resolve this issue. We tested this by upgrading from UI5 1.71.48 to UI5 1.71.58.


In order to fix this issue, you will need to downgrade to UI5 1.71.38, or ideally don't upgrade the UI5 in your Android app from 1.71.38.

After downgrading to UI5 1.71.38, dialogs now resize correctly once the keyboard is closed:

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