Product News - Support Pack 2

Improvements and New Features

This page provides selected updates on some new/ improved functionality released in SP2 and are available on request by customers. 

Configurable Order and Order Operational Status [MyPM]

Improvement Opportunity

Status updates in MyPM were specific to MyPM and had no impact on the SAP Users Status's. SAP does not provide the functionality as standard to show individuals status' against Work Orders and Operations. Understanding at what status others involved in the order where at is crucial.


The MyPM status for Orders and Operations is now fully configurable. This functionality is a major innovation for SAP Plant Maintenance as it allows detailed information at a user level to be understood across Order and Operations and can assist planners and others in getting real time status updates. 

Here's a summary

  • Allows a User to track their Order and Operational status.
  • Can optionally also trigger an update of the SAP user status.
  • Provides the ability to specify a special status that is auto set on first transfer of the Order to a Users mobile device and optionally set (once per Order) the Order User Status.
  • The Operational status can be configured to set a timer (start | stop) whose value is then offered when making Time confirmations against the operation.
  • The complete Order and Order Operation history is available from the MyPM Admin application when online (active internet connection). This functionality allows everyone to see what everyone else has been doing in terms of status' changes and date/ time on an Order.

  • If your online, then the status update in SAP will occur in real time. Like all other updates is you're offline then it will go to the users Outbox for syncing later with SAP.  

For administration information on this topic: Maintain Order and Operational Status.

Improved Order PRT Display [MyPM]

Improvement Opportunity

The Order PRT display layout didnt offer the opportunity to navigate to the item lines.


Add navigation features to Equipment, Materials and Measurement Points, provide advice to refer to the Order documents tab for documents.

GEO Integration [MyPM]

Improvement Opportunity

In addition to light Google integration MyPM also had ESRI specific functionality to reference ESRI maps and layers and where necessary take these offline. The ESRI related functionality was however heavily reliant on adapters specific to ESRI which constrained future support of other GEO vendor technologies and was a heavy control. The map tile download also took too much data and time and needed improvement for practical use.


We have switched our GEO functionality to Leaflet and made extensive changes and improvements to the existing functionality. To find our more see: MyPM GEO Functionality and MyPM GEO Maintain Map Settings

What's Next?

We have a number of improvements in development and a number scheduled for delivery. The MyPM Roadmap summarises the up and coming focus for the Soltius MyPM Development team. 

To contact us see How do I find out more

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