Product News - Support Pack 3

Improvements and New Features

This page provides selected updates on some of new/ improved functionality released in SP3 - being released today. The majority of these improvements were itemised in our last MyPM Roadmap

Multi-Language [MyPM and MyPM Administration]

Partners and prospective customers had requirements to support multiple languages beyond English. We partnered with a SAP partner specializing in translations to help us support the following languages in addition to English:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Note that this language support at this stage is limited to the MyPM application itself. Support for multi-languages in terms of SAP config and master data and MyPM inspections is not yet provided but is under active consideration in our product roadmap.

MyPM - Crew Component [MyPM and MyPM Admin]

We have released an optionally licensed additional component to MyPM to allow field supervisors to tactically manage their 'crews' Work Orders, get summary information about them and their recent work and location, and to initiate phone and cell contact - where appropriate. 

For more detail of the functionality for Crew see MyPM - Crew.

My Work Order and Order Operations [MyPM]

Part customer request and part innovation we have changed the layout of the Order list to a better display over all device form factors and with more information. We are also highlight Orders which are overdue (red) or due today (orange) and showing a long text indicator:

Users can now also shift their focus from an Orders list to a Order Operations List:

Order Operations List [MyPM]

To provide a consistent UI we have changed the Order Operations List:

Order Operation Detailed Page [MyPM]

Based on customer requests we have extended the information available on the Order Operations detail page to show the related information for Inspections, Documents, Components, PRT, and  Measurement Points. We also added additional detail to the Operation tab.

Functional Location and Equipment Lists [MyPM]

We have included additional fields in the Functional Location and Equipment Lists and now allow the user to select whether to show/hide them. Were logical we have also included these fields in the Sort and Search options:

Inspection Asset Not Found [MyPM and MyPM Administration]

If you are directed to undertaken an inspection but can not find it then, in conjunction with the Inspections own configuration settings, you can mark the items as not found and optionally drive for a Notification to be vreated on device or automatically on processing in SAP:

Altitude Question [MyPM and MyPM Administration]

Customers asked to include the altitude measurement when responding to GPS Inspection Questions:

Export of Sync Logs [MyPM Admin]

Customers asked to be able to download the details from the MyPM Admin Sync Logs so they could do additional analysis of the time taken for each steps to help improve their MyPM profile construction and understand the performances of various devices:

Inspection Determination [MyPM and MyPM Administration]

Customers asked to have the Technical Object Type added as a new criteria for Inspection determination:

FL and Equipment Long Text [MyPM and MyPM Administration]

Customers asked to be able to see the long text for FL and Equipment:


Inspection Long Text Editing [MyPM and MyPM Administration]

Customers asked to be able review and edit the long text for Functional Locations and Equipment as an Inspection Question option:

Add Assembly to Notification and Order [MyPM]

Customers asked to be able to maintain the Assembly for Notifications and Orders. We have delivered this, allowing selection of Assembly or standard on device materials as part of the initial delivery, the next phase will be to select from multi-level BOMs as an additional assignment option:

Create Requisition for Order [MyPM]

Customers asked that they be able to create Requisitions from Order and not just Reservations:

Inspection Questions - Default Response [MyPM and MyPM Administration]

Customers wanted a default response value to be available when answering questions that had an associated answer group:

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