MyPM Product - Year End Update 2018

Year in Review

To our customers and partners many thanks for your ideas, support and positivity in 2018, as we've continue to improve on MyPM to help you improve your operations. 

It's been quite a year for the Product Development team at Zag, as I'm sure it's been for you. For us it has centered on:

  • Engagement with customers, their needs and ideas
  • A large number of improvement to the product both in terms of new innovation, improvements to existing functionality and quality improvements. 

    For a illustrated summary of what's new in the last release see Product News - Support Pack 3

  • The move to also support ECC release 6.0
  • The move to support Neptune 8 release
  • The move to support an additional five languages
  • Corporate re-brand from Soltius NZ to Zag
  • The delivery of the new MyPM - Crew component
  • Addition internal product development and pre-sales SAP systems
  • The improvement to our product development and support operational procedures and standards
  • Technical design of the next MyPM component - Safety

To give some of that context we have delivered 89 new or improved features in supports packs 2 and 3 in 2018. All from a direct result of listening to our customers and partners and looking to innovate where it counts! 

2019 - What's Next?

Next year will be as busy as ever. Here's an insight into what's coming:

  • The continued delivery of the forecast Roadmap delivery - with some customer and innovation additions to come
  • We are aiming to visit customers globally to help us better understand your needs and shape the future direction of MyPM - we want to hear from you!
  • The delivery of the MyPM-Safety component
  • Some branding changes and additional international focus


Craig Bennett

Product Development Manager


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