Soltius re-brands as Zag

Hi Everyone,

A lot has been happening at Soltius recently. We’ve been busy changing the game for the last 22 years, so we felt it was about time to choose a new name to match. We’re proud to work alongside customers and partners like you that constantly motivate us to push technological boundaries, that are the forefront of their industries and who refuse to accept the ordinary.

We needed a clear story and a name that reflects our difference. The extra mile we will go, the unique solutions we come up with and the freedom we have as an independent. All of which is needed in a world of accelerated change.

Welcome to Zag.

We let others zig.

What to expect:

Soltius New Zealand Limited has officially become Zag Limited. You can expect to see changes to this support site as we transition our logo's and text references from Soltius to Zag. MyPM will still remain the same underneath and we will continue to strive to provide great solutions and support to help you thrive. 

Look out for the Zag logo at events – we’ll still be the ones in orange!


Craig Bennett

Product Development Manager

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