Product News - Support Pack 4

Improvements and New Features

This page provides updates on selected new or improved functionality released in SP4 released in March 2019. The release contains a mix of published Roadmap items, customer and partner requests and Zag innovation.  See the release notes 29 March 2019 Export and Cumulative Patch - MyPM SP04 for a full list of improvements. 

 Many thanks to the following customers who, along with our partners and the wider Zag team, provided the inspiration for some of the improvements in this release:

  • Cement Australia
  • Department of Conservation, New Zealand
  • Hydro Tasmania, Australia
  • Orica, Singapore
  • Powerco, New Zealand

New Profile Types

In addition to the existing profile type (now named Standard), which is a mix between master data and work orders and notification selection, two new Profile types have been added. This means that you can assign just the Work Order/ Notification profile to users who typically do not have the need for information on other PM objects outside of the scope of their work.

  • Work Order/ Notification Profile - Used to control what Work Orders and Notifications go to the device. Will take all associated technical objects for the Orders and Notifications, regardless of their existence in MyPM profiles assigned to the user
  • Master Data Profile - Used to control what Master Data (FL, Equipment and Materials) goes to the device

Both new profiles can contain GEO filters and are reported on, by type, in the MyPM Admin Profile list and User Profile List:

Bill of Materials

We have added a lot of functionality around Bill of Materials (BoMs). This includes:

  • Equipment and FL BOMs
  • Full structural navigation view of BoM details
  • Ability to select non stock BoM items for Requisitioning


We have added the ability to show assemblies in Equipment, Functional Locations, Work Orders and to edit the assigned Assembly in the Work Order. When editing the assembly the materials available for assignment can be:

  • All materials on device
  • Materials on device that are SAP Maintenance Assemblies
  • Selection via the BoM for the prime Equipment (or FL is Equipment not maintained) for the Work Order (where so maintained)

Initiate Component Requisition for Order from BoM

User can now select Non Stock Items from BoMs and create a Requisition against the Order via it's components:

After Sync with SAP:

Order Revisions

Revisions are now displayed in the MyWork list and Order detail pages:

Add Operation to Orders

Authorised users can now add operations to Orders with FL and Equipment, as associated BoM selection, being controlled by SAP Configuration for the Order Type

MyPM Work and Crew - Calendar Display

The existing calendar control accessible from the MyPM tab has been improved in terms of layout and operation. A new calendar tab using the same functionality has been added to the optional MyPM Crew component:

Inspection Question Return to List

At the Inspection level, and at the Question level, you can now set up inspections so that on response to a question it returns you to the Inspection Question list and does not navigate to the next question:

New Inspection Type- Multiple Answers

A new Inspection Type has been added to allow the capture of multiple value pairs against a single question (with no resulting SAP transaction update). Use case for this type of inspection include things like tyre thread on all wheels of a vehicle:

New Inspection Type - Signature Answer

A new Inspection Type has been added to allow the capture of a signature along with name and position text:

Inherit GEO Location from Parent

A new option in MyPM Admin allows you to switch on the inheritance of the GEO Location for a technical object from its parent. This function will 'climb upwards' until a GEO location is found - i.e. parents location, grandparents location, great grandparents location, etc:

This then shows up on the map at the Technical Object level with an indicator to show the location is inherited:

GEO Map Layers - Domain Values

The values for geo spatial map layers now display the associated domain value where provided. For example in the illustration below: Closed rather than 0; Open rather than 1; Unknown rather than 2)

Limit Map Display to Browsers Only

In MyPM admin you can now limit access to GEO Maps to only those users accessing MyPM directly from their browser and not via their mobile device:

Work Centre Types

You can now maintain the SAP Work Centre types that appear in various places in the MyPM Application through MyPM Admin settings. See 

Export and Import of GEO Map Settings

You can now export to and import from csv files for the various GEO map settings in MyPM Admin:


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