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WCM - Permit to Work

Hi, I was wondering if BlueWorx supports the Permit to Work (PTW) functionality within the S/4HANA Work Clearance Management?

Hi Dean,

BlueWorx supports the display of permits and permit warnings out of box. It does not support the issuing of permits. We are more that happy to discuss your requirements and I can put you in touch with the right people for that conversation. We routinely add functionality to BlueWorx as it is required by our customers, and focus our energy on solving their mobile maintenance challenges.

Here is a quick couple of screenshots on the current permit functionality. It uses the standard permit functionality in SAP Plant Maintenance, working in both ECC and HANA releases.

When a permit is assigned to a technical objects it shows in BlueWorx. The screenshot below shows a permit on an equipment record. This is shown when the user is offline or online.

When a permit is assigned to a work order it will show against the work order.  In the screenshot below the permits were required to be issued prior to work order release. The green bar on the left of each permit shows that it has been issued. The order wouldn't have come to BlueWorx if it hadn't been released.

When a notification or work order is created against a technical object which has permits a warning is shown to alert the field worker of the permits associated with that asset.



Hi Steve,

Thank you for your quick and detailed response. The permit process you've described is the standard WCM permit functionality, where permits are associated with a technical object.

The new Permit to Work (PtW) functionality within WCM is different; it is associated with the Work Order or Operation. The PtW is a process for authorizing work, documenting procedures, monitoring compliance, and integrating real-time data for safety management. While work permits can be created and assigned during the planning phase (before release), they are managed after the release of the Work Order (on the actual day of execution). For example, a Confined Space Entry Permit should not allow work to start until it is approved by a Safety Technician.

Having the functionality to create, assign, approve, and issue work permits via a mobile application would eliminate the need for traditional paper-based solutions.

Is this type of functionality on the future roadmap for BlueWorx?



Hi Dean,

The latest roadmap is published at

We do not have any updates to the work permitting planned. The roadmap is made up of all the good ideas collected from our customers, from industry trends, and a view to the future. As such it is a living document, built on discussions with our customers and wider seller community. 

As I mentioned earlier, we are more that happy to discuss your requirements and I can put you in touch with the right people for that conversation. Please raise a support ticket and we can have a more detailed discussion.


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