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What ESRI Services does BlueWorx integrate with?


This Q&A post has been prompted by customers wanting to know more about the optional use of ESRI services with BlueWorx and what requirements and restrictions exist. If you have questions not covered by the information below, then please raise a support ticket and we will be glad to assist.

ESRI Services

BlueWorx is able to consume two kinds of ESRI Services:

  • Base Maps
  • Feature Layers

See reference material below for more information.

Base Map Requirements

One or more ESRI base maps are required to be configured for BlueWorx spatial use - unless online only licensed Google Maps are used. BlueWorx expects configured ESRI base maps to:

  • Support JSON
  • Support raster image types
  • Support XYZ tile access (as either TMS or WMTS)

An example of a map service BlueWorx can consume is:

What's Supported

While we can't test against every conceivable version of ESRI we have working examples with the following:

Base-maps we have the following versions configured and working:

  • 10.5
  • 10.6
  • 10.6.1

Feature layers we have the following versions configured and working:

  • 10.1.1
  • 10.7.1
  • 10.8
  • 10.8.1

Furthermore the Leaflet control we use for map-rendering reportedly supports any version of ArcGIS Server that is not retired - as at Mar 21.

If a prospective customer wishes to check against their existing ESRI server, and this is accessible to us, then we can test this fairly easily on request.

What's Not Supported

BlueWorx does not support:

Feature Layer Requirements

The use of ESRI feature layers is optional for BlueWorx spatial use. That's because a Base Map, together with spatial information maintained in BlueWorx can be used without any ESRI supplied layers.  More information on that option is available here: 

However, typically customers with ESRI and using BlueWorx, will configure layers as ESRI is their corporate spatial system and offers a more complete/ wider scope of spatial information.

BlueWorx expects configured feature layers to:

  • Support JSON
  • Have a URL Endpoint like '/MapServer/0' or '/FeatureServer/0'
  • Support the Query operation

An example of a feature service BlueWorx can consume is:

SAP and Device Storage

No features or tiles sourced from map servers or feature servers are stored in SAP. The data downloaded is optionally stored on the device for offline use, or cached for online use.


There is no ESRI related licensing as part of the BlueWorx licensing. Customers must have the appropriate licenses and permissions to use the ESRI services they elect to configure and use.

Reference Material 

Note that external links are subject to change.

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