BlueWorx Support Pack 10

Improvements and New Features

We've just released Support Pack 10 for BlueWorx! This release is packed with a mix of new features, improvements and bug fixes and includes some major innovations. 

Many thanks to the following customers who, along with our partners and the wider Zag team, provided the inspiration for some of the improvements and innovations included in this release:

  • Christchurch City Council, New Zealand
  • Department of Conservation, New Zealand
  • Eastland Group, New Zealand
  • Fortescue Metals Group, Australia
  • Hydro Tasmania, Australia
  • NSW Planning, Industry and Environment, Australia
  • TC Energy, Canada and USA

This release contains over 120 improvements and innovations, including:

  • Online searching of FL and Equipment in SAP for download to BlueWorx - by reference or spatial search
  • Parked Notifications and Orders
  • Delta sync of Notifications and Orders
  • New Dashboard Menu
  • Measurement Point on demand history and chart
  • New SAP GUI Inspection sub screen template for Equipment, Functional Locations and Orders
  • BlueWorx Transaction Log 
  • Equipment Install/ Uninstall functionality
  • Improved Order layout, configuration and functionality
  • Multi-timesheet entry for an Order
  • Notification Codes long text
  • Notification Status configuration
  • New and improved Inspection configuration options
  • Ability to change Order Inspection object on Order change
  • Ability to capture multi Point, Line and Polygon layers
  • Several improvements to Crew functionality
  • Plus, many more....

For details of all changes please see the SP10 release notes in the BlueWorx Support Pack 10 - Export and Cumulative Patch [access restrictions apply] and look for updated documentation on impacted areas throughout this site. 

We've also created a video to explain and demonstrate some of the key highlights:

Zag strives to make BlueWorx work right for you and we hope that there's much in this release that will bring business value to the industries you serve... and perhaps a smile or two from your BlueWorx users!

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