BlueWorx Demonstration System Upgrade

Application Upgrade - Potential Outages

During the second week of Aug 21 we are upgrading Neptune Software and BlueWorx versions in our demonstration system (accessible from the Apple and Google Play app stores - see This may result in outages and the requirement to upgrade your demo application to the latest iOS or Android application versions (once available on the respective app stores). 

We are also using this opportunity to freshen up some of the demonstration data to take advantage of some of the new and improved functionality delivered in the later releases.

Hi Craig - Based on this, what's the latest Neptune you recommend running (about to upgrade to BlueWorx Support Pack 10 Update 01 so it is the right time to update Neptune also) - Hoping iOS build is a little smoother with later Neptune versions...



Hi Matt,

The minimum Neptune release for SP10 is Neptune Planet 8 UXP 6.0.18 with 6.0.19 recommended. 

Note that after the release of SP10, Neptune have subsequent release minor version 6.9.20 and major version 21.6. And while historically we haven't faced any major issues with their new releases, we have yet to apply and test these. So as of right now, 6.0.19 would be our recommended version.

Thanks Craig 

FYI - Doco refers only to 6.0.18 as maximum supported currently.

Also looks like Neptune only make 6.0.20 available - no archive for SAP software it seems - - Do you need to request 6.0.19?

Hi Matt,

Where did you find 6.0.28 reference as I'd like to correct it? (this page shows 6.0.19 as does the the release notes for SP10

In terms of 6.0.19 release, you can ask Neptune for access to other releases through a Neptune support ticket.

Thanks - and looks like it was fixed recently as I was referring to this page:

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