Support Pack 13 Released

Improvements and New Features

July 2023 - We've just released Support Pack 13 for BlueWorx! As with prior releases this one comes with a combination of new features, improvements and bug fixes and includes some major innovations. 

Many thanks to all the customers who, along with our partners and the wider Accenture team, provided the inspiration for many of the improvements included in this release. Improving BlueWorx and adding business value to our customers and their people is at the center of what we do. So we hope that there's something in this release that will bring business value and perhaps a smile or two to you! 

This release contains over 50 improvements and 11 innovations. Some of the more notable items include:

  • Focus on UX improvements including consistent button use and display and a micro chart for Order Operations work and work projections
  • Included the use SAP Standard Texts for Order Operations
  • BOM generation optimisation
  • New Spatial Type for Measurement Points 
  • Support for files for Measurement Points 
  • Support for files on Spatial Features
  • Delta Sync last step resumption
  • Added new User Profile filter for 
  • Log Changes in Core Admin and Inspection Configuration
  • Improved support for third party document frameworks used by customers
  • Improved Inspection analytics and reporting - including the ability to display and save to file the full definition of a complete Inspection
  • Administration mass Inspection Change
  • Improved Inspection configuration options - new Object list relationships; Inspection Attachments; Inspection Document Templates; Reason Codes for Assets not Inspected

For details of all the changes please see the SP13 Release Notes in the Support Pack 13 [access restrictions apply] and look for updated documentation on impacted areas throughout this site. We've also created a video to explain and demonstrate some of the key highlights: 


Craig Bennett and the whole BlueWorx Team

Accenture NZ

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