Neptune DXP23

Neptune has released DXP23!

Earlier this year we published a document outlining changes to the BlueWorx release cadence at In this document we note the intention to support the most current Neptune DXP release with the following BlueWorx Support Pack. 

For DXP23 this will be BlueWorx Support Pack 14, planned for release in February 2024.

We will carry out the preliminary investigation this December and provide some initial feedback on DXP23 and BlueWorx compatibility. Our experience with Neptune major releases is that if changes to BlueWorx are required, they are typically minor. We hope this trend will continue with DXP23 and will keep you up to date.

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Happy New Year!

Prior to the Christmas break (we're back on the 8th of January) we fired up BlueWorx Support Pack 13 on DXP23 to see what we need to get done for support DXP23 with BlueWorx Support Pack 14. 

TLDR - BlueWorx Support Pack 13 does not run on DXP23!

We rarely have breakages with new Neptune releases. This encourages us all to take a chance with the latest Neptune release. This time, initial triage shows that BlueWorx Support Pack 13 and prior releases do run on the latest Neptune DXP23 release. It looks like a change to the way that the objects in the Neptune Designer are ordered in the runtime code is preventing BlueWorx from running. Code is being executed before it is defined. This means that we'll need to make changes to BlueWorx, and update Neptune on the breakage (it's likely other Neptune applications will have the same issue). Once this first issue is resolved in the new year, we'll continue investigating compatibility.

If you are planning to upgrade your systems to DXP23, whether that be in your development systems, or demo systems, BlueWorx will not run (until the release of BlueWorx Support Pack 14).

The investigation so far suggests that we will have DXP23 support with BlueWorx Support Pack 14 as planned. We've got a little more work to do than with a usual DXP update but that is all built into our planning.



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