2023 Releases & 2024 Release Plan

Hi everyone,

It was another busy year in 2023 for the BlueWorx team, partners and customers. We're set to do the same in 2024!

The change to more frequent release of improvements and new features with our Innovation channel started with the release of Support Pack 13 and this approach will continue in 2024 following the release of Support Pack 14. 

Key Information:

  • The Support Pack 13 Innovation releases become Support Pack 14 and innovation continues on the Innovation channel with new features and improvements starting with the Support Pack 14 release planned for February 2024.
  •  The maintenance channel has been reset, ending transport level support for the initial Support Pack 13 release (13.0.x). It picks up maintenance level support at the last Support Pack 13 Innovation release (13.5.0). 

2023 Releases

  • Support Pack 12
    • Neptune DXP6 (UI5 1.71)
    • Neptune DXP21 (UI5 1.71)
  • Support Pack 13
    • Neptune DXP21 (UI5 1.71)
    • Neptune DPX22 (UI5 1.71 & UI5 1.108)

2024 Releases / Planned Releases

  • Releases 13.0.7, 13.4.1, and 13.50 are available.
  • Release 13.0.7 is the final release for the Support Pack 13 initial release.
  • Release 13.5.0 is the final release on the Support Pack 13 innovation channel
    • The maintenance channel continues maintenance transport level support for the final Support Pack 13 Innovation release (13.5.1, 13.5.2, etc...)
    • Innovation continues with Support Pack 14 on the innovation channel
  • Support Pack 14
    • Neptune DXP22 (UI5 1.108)
    • Neptune DXP23 (UI5 1.108)
    • HANA 2023 validation is expected around April following the upgrade of our HANA development system on the release of Support Pack 1 for HANA 2023.

Like any good plan, it will change as the world around us changes. 

2024 - Let's Go!


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