Support Pack 14 Released

February 2024 - We've just released Support Pack 14 for BlueWorx! As with prior releases, this one comes with a combination of new features, improvements and bug fixes, including some major innovations. 

Many thanks to all the customers who, along with our partners and the wider Accenture team, provided the inspiration for many of the improvements included in this release. Improving BlueWorx and adding business value to our customers and their people is at the centre of what we do. So we hope that there's something in this release that will bring business value and perhaps a smile or two! 

This release is the first Support Pack following our changed release approach. Unlike previous releases, where this would be the first opportunity to take advantage of new features and improvements, the new features and improvements have been made available as they've been completed with our Innovation releases.

Support Pack 14 introduces support for Neptune's DXP23 platform, retiring support for DXP21 and UI5 1.71.

Improvements and New Features

Support Pack 13 Innovation 01 (13.1.0)

  • Add a directions button to the measurement point location
  • Populate equipment or functional locations when creating a notification from list

  • Standardise admin date format to user's SAP settings

Support Pack 13 Innovation 02 (13.2.0)

  • Improve admin material log reporting
  • Improved UI consistency in admin applications
  • Implemented clean HTML checker for inspection instructions (header and questions) and for print inspection template
  • Optimize feature deletion on layer deletion
  • Select which master data to refresh
  • Asset not inspected can record location
  • BOM non stock item to create requisition
  • Update BlueWorx order status from SAP user status change

Support Pack 13 Innovation 03 (13.3.0)

  • Default answers and buttons in answer in list
  • Work order and notification addresses
  • BlueWorx indexes on Hana DB
  • Add ability to filter completed/outstanding work orders and notifications in map view
  • Optionally show instruction text in the inspection question list

Support Pack 13 Innovation 04 (13.4.0)

  • Optionally disable the measurement point list
  • Cache all classification data for BlueWorx assets
  • Create notification from order
  • SAP general task lists for work orders
  • Inactivate active order and operation status buttons
  • Maintenance job to deletion flag features without a layer ID or an inherited layer ID

Support Pack 13 Innovation 05 (13.5.0)

  • Multiple answers for no-action questions using answer groups

Support Pack 14 (14.0.0)

  • Support for Neptune DXP23
  • Long text: Add "+" button to end of description field
  • Inspection question upload validation
  • Material search button / side bar UI improvements
  • Option to set CATS timesheet to use HR activity type
  • Setting to prevent online status updates
  • Add Ad-hoc inspection flag to GUI inspection enhancements
  • Clear filters when navigating to new object
  • Refresh admin sync log screen
  • Information message for empty inspection information text
  • Sort the map legend by type

For more information on these improvements, see the full release notes for each release with the releases at:

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