Support Pack 14 - DXP22 Release on Request

In our initial release of Support Pack 14 we included separate transports for systems running the Neptune DXP22 and Neptune DXP23 platform. This is the first time that we've had to release different core transport sets for specific Neptune releases*. A new table introduced in Neptune DXP23 means that transports produced from our DXP23 development system error on import to earlier Neptune platform releases. The transport import will attempt to write table content to a table that does not exist. The DXP22 transport release of BlueWorx Support Pack 14 omitted that new table. 

It takes additional effort to create the transports for DXP22 and prepare them for distribution so we will no longer release a DXP22 transport with each BlueWorx release. We can produce a DXP22 transport on request (for the current release in development), however we continue to develop and test Support Pack 14 on a DXP23 platform. This  means that we will prioritise BlueWorx on DXP23 when evaluating issues. 

We strongly encourage upgrading to Neptune DXP23 when upgrading BlueWorx to Support Pack 14. 

From Support Pack 14, Innovation 01 (14.1.0) we will no longer include DXP22 in our list of supported platforms. BlueWorx Support Pack 13 will continue to be maintained in and released from a DXP21 system, supporting DXP21 and DXP22 platforms until the release of Support Pack 15 in the second half of 2024.

Please reach out through a support ticket if this change is likely to cause issues with your Neptune and BlueWorx upgrade projects or roadmap. It's been our experience that most customers upgrade their Neptune platform and BlueWorx on the same cycle, however we have customers who leverage the power of the Neptune platform beyond BlueWorx. Other Neptune based applications should always be a consideration when upgrading the Neptune platform.



*We did release a separate API transport prior to Support Pack 14 as an optional transport as APIs were not available in the earliest versions of Neptune.

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