Maintenance release 13.5.3 is available


This release is available as an upgrade from 13.5.2:


Full release notes are available with the release. Below are the short notes.


BWX-6749 Remove the "remove_all" program and method which deletes sync cache data


BWX-6618 Adding a task list to a work order does not add the order header long text

BWX-6655 The assembly "Select from all Materials" is not working

BWX-6694 Missing DDIC values for task list profile filters

BWX-6696 A User with multiple Profiles using the same task list Profile, will duplicate the task lists

BWX-6710 Temporary Sync Table entries are not being cleared on cancel of a sync

BWX-6725 Task list profiles access in admin not reflecting user SAP authorization

BWX-6727 Update date and time not being displayed in Task list profiles and material profiles in Admin

BWX-6742 Value not Defaulting in inspection question when using characteristic allowed values

BWX-6744 Feature records are part of sync cache table cleaning

BWX-6746 Inspection master data records are part of sync cache table cleaning

BWX-6753 Task list sync and profile tables missing from clean job

BWX-6755 Measurement Point map button is not being set to visible false when the Use Map admin setting is set to false

BWX-6758 Task list refresh is controlled by the material update option

BWX-6759 Task list profile filters require leading zeros

BWX-6776 Invalid Formatters on columns

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