Maintenance release 13.5.6 is available


This release is available as an upgrade from 13.5.5. 


Full release notes are available with the release. Below are the short notes.


BWX-6821 Old Value not being displayed in Inspection Viewer

BWX-6823 Completion of a measurement PRT is lost with delta order sync

BWX-6828 Clicking on the horizontal scrollbar (to scroll) fires list growing for Inspection template by object list

BWX-6830 Geo-feature attachments not saved to the feature parent consistently

BWX-6834 Work Order - Check and Update Notification Fields on Order Completion

BWX-6888 Functional location features missing for orders and notifications

BWX-6894 Characteristic value delta sync could duplicate some items

BWX-6896 Search filter for permits in equipment, functional locations, and notifications is not active

BWX-6898 Short dumps on table /SOLTIUS/PM_SYTL (Database locks)

BWX-6900 Inspection question attachments button busy

BWX-6901 CX_CA exception message parameters

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