Product News - Support Pack 5

Innovation and Improvements

The release contains a mix of bug fixes, published Roadmap items and customer and partner requests for new and improved features. This page outlines a selection of the updates, for details of all changes please see the release notes.

Many thanks to the following customers who, along with our partners and the wider Zag team, provided the inspiration for some of the improvements and innovation included in this release:

  • Cement Australia
  • Department of Conservation, New Zealand
  • Fonterra, New Zealand
  • Hydro Tasmania, Australia
  • Office of the Environment and Heritage, Australia
  • Orica, Singapore
  • Powerco, New Zealand

BlueWorx Re-brand

While Zag announced the commercial re-brand of MyPM to BlueWorx back in May 19, this is the first release where this change becomes visible. From a user change management perspective the application still looks and acts the same, just a few subtle title changes here and there. From a technical perspective all the SAP programs and tables continue to use the same namespace to avoid any unnecessary work for customers.

New Languages and Master and Configuration Data

As of this release BlueWorx now supports 10 languages and supports the core SAP master data and configuration data and BlueWorx configuration data. So whether it's the description for a piece of Equipment maintained in SAP in Russian or the BlueWorx Inspection Question maintained in Hungarian, we now have you covered.

For an overview on the translations see: blueworx-multi-language plus many other documented explanations throughout this support site.


Inspection Question Rules

We've included a new Rules Engine into our standard application build and this gives you some exciting and powerful possibilities. This is a major evolution in making taking one of the most innovative features of BlueWorx to the next level. 

The first use of the rules engine is for Inspection Questions where you can now control the visibility and mandatory nature of inspection questions based on conditional assessments of rules you've configured against values from the technical object (FL or Equip), the work order or other inspection question responses.

For further details see: inspection-rules-explained

Important Note - To use the Inspection Rules functionality on mobile devices you must release a new version of the application with the Rules Engine included in the application files. Please raise a ticket on this BlueWorx support site to gain the latest application build content.

Inspection Question Photo Capture

We have now included the ability to allow users to capture photos and documents, per Inspection Question, for storage in SAP. 

For further details see: inspection-dialog-page


Notification User Status Change

We've now included the ability to update the SAP User Status for Notifications:

For further details see: notifications-notifications-page-and-general-tab


Field Order Operations Work Centre and PID Value

Now when creating a Field Work Order, and where enabled in BlueWorx Admin, the Work Centre maintained against the user PID values (being VAP work centre header; AGR work centre operation and WRK plant which applies to both) will over write the values from the Technical Object (where maintained). And if not maintained for the Technical Object then it will default even if setting is not enabled. You can also now you can optionally specify a different Work Centre for the Operation.

Order Change Prompt

We've now provided the optional ability for the BlueWorx application, when in menus and lists to periodically check with SAP to see if the user has any new or changed Work Order and to prompt them to sync:

For further details on enabling this see: maintain-core-settings-settings-tab > Orders section

Order Operations Confirmation History

Via a new configuration option you can now see the confirmation history for everyone that has worked on an order. This is accessible via a number of menus:

For further details on enabling this see: maintain-core-settings-settings-tab > Orders section

Assignment Indicator in My Work Operations List

Where the User has been assigned at the Operational Level, in keeping with application settings, then they will see the following people icon against the Operation:

Confirmations on Behalf of Others

If you're using BlueWorx - Crew then you now have the option to enter time confirmations on behalf of your Crew. 

For further details see: enter-crew-time

Cross Application


Where maintained in addition to documents, you can now see GOS URL links for Orders, Notifications, Functional Location and Equipment and open them when online:

That's it for the Support Pack 5 release highlights, I hope you've found something that adds value to your business operations.


Craig Bennett

Product Development Manager


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